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[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 12]

Abstract :

Using half-leaf method O,O′-diisopropyl (3-(L-1-(benzylamino)-1-oxo-3- phenylpropan-2-yl)thioureido)(phenyl)methyl phosphonate (2009104) was studied for its activity on tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). It showed good curative activity in vivo and the curative activity at 500 μg/mL was found to be 53.3%. In vivo treatment with the control agent Ningnanmycin at 500 μg/mL resulted in 51.2% inhibition and curative inhibition rates respectively. Dot-ELISA test was employed to verify the efficacy of activity of compound 200910 for anti-TMV activity. The mechanism of action of compound 2009104 to resist TMV was also studied. The results showed that the resistance enzymes PAL, POD, SOD activity and chlorophyll content after TMV inoculation K326 (Nicotiana tabacum K326) of tobacco plants followed by treatment with compound 2009104 were significantly enhanced. The study of the effect of compound 2009104 on TMV capsid protein (CP) showed that it inhibited the polymerization process of TMV-CP in vitro.