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[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 12]

Abstract :

With respect to the truing and sharpening of diamond abrasive grinding tools, traditional machining methods are briefly described, and new dressing methods, such as the laser dressing method, are described in detail. It is pointed out that laser dressing of diamond abrasive tools is a green processing method with high efficiency and no environmental pollution. Numerical simulation research on pulse laser dressing of a bronze diamond abrasive grinding wheel was carried out, and a cumulative heat transfer model of laser dressing energy was developed. The temperature evolution law of the bronze bond and diamond abrasive grains dressed by pulsed fiber laser was determined by numerical analysis of the model. An experiment on the laser dressing grinding wheel was carried out; it was found that when the laser power density was 2.52 × 108 W/cm2∼3.36 × 108 W/cm2, the bronze bond materials could be properly removed, and the diamond abrasive grains could be better sharpened. The laser dressing method can achieve the combination of diamond abrasive grinding tool sharpening and truing. The experiment not only demonstrated the correctness and feasibility of the theoretical model but also provided process optimization for research into pulse laser dressing of diamond abrasive grinding tools.