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Tobacco Science
and Technology

Tobacco Science
and Technology

Tobacco Science and Technology

Volume 56 , Issue 04

10 Jun 2023



Volume - 56 , Issue 04

30 Jun 2023


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Tobacco Science and Technology

Corticlous insects of eastern Algerian cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

Algeria in particular is home to the resinous Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica). It covers a huge region and is currently dealing with dieback, a widespread issue. The latter is brought on by either abiotic or biotic causes, or both at once. The goal of the present study is to catalogue and identify xylophagous insects, in this case beetles, in two research locations, the forest of Boutaleb and the forest of Ouled Tebben, which are related to the decline of the Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica). Both sites are situated in the Setif's southern region (north-eastern Algeria). Seven families of xylopha

Pollution of Agricultural Iand and its Effects on the microfauna of the Commune of El Bouni by the Discharges of the Edough dairy (Annaba-Algeria)

The soil is an essential resource for life, it is a living environment that houses almost all living beings; unfortunately pollution especially industrial has degraded the latter and therefore it generates a risk for our health and our food security as well as for our environment.In this context this research was directed towards the study of the agricultural grounds of the commune of El Bouni, willaya of Annaba, which are affected by the rejections of the dairy of Edough which diverse these rejections just near these grounds, of which we carried out several physicochemical parameters to diagn

The Impact of Physical and Chemical Treatments and Temperature on Hawthorn Seed Germination: Crataegus oxyacantha from Mostaganem (Ain Brahim Forest, Algeria).

A series of experiments were conducted on the seeds of the Crataegus oxyacantha shrub, which naturally grows in the Ain Brahim forest in West-Algerian. The aim was to determine how physical treatments such as warm and cold stratification, and chemical treatments such as scarification with sulphuric acid 98% for varying durations, could affect the double dormancy of the seeds (endocarp inhibition and embryonic dormancy). To test the effect of these treatments, the germination of the seeds was observed at temperatures of 20°C and 25°C in an oven. Results showed that chemical scarification usin

Inventory of mosses in the southern region of Lake Tonga, El-Kala national park, Algeria. Case of Oued El-Hout, Roum Essouk

The plant kingdom is a polyphyletic assembly of photosynthetic organisms. This group is formed by two lineages, one of the algae and the second of land plants, which include bryophytes or Bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. Bryophytes are small terrestrial plants seeking humid sites, especially in boreal and alpine zones. They thus occupy a large part of the rocks and tree trunks. The order Bryophyta includes liverworts, hornworts, and mosses. The North-East of Algeria is known for its humid and sub-humid bioclimatic stages, sheltering dense and diversified vegetation where mosses

Diversity and floristic inventory of the Souk-Ahras Forest (North East of Algeria)

Located in the northeast of Algeria, the forest of Souk Ahras and, more precisely, the forest of Ouled Bechih occupies an area of 6,582 hectares. The diversity of these ecosystems [1] is one of the most beautiful wet forests in North Africa and can be described in this area thanks to its geographical position and biotic and abiotic diversity. And it is considered a regional park in the heart of creation. This area is north of the Wilaya of Souk-Ahras, whose climate is of Mediterranean type, characterized by an average annual temperature of 16°C and average annual precipitation of 625 mm, with

Use of relative water content for the improvement of drought tolerance in some durum wheat varieties in Eastern Algerian regions

Various morphological and physiological traits related to water deficit tolerance (relative water content, osmotic adjustment) were studied in four durum wheat varieties of diverse origin, and with different agronomic behaviors. Significant relationships were observed between osmotic adjustment and relative water content, which confirms the significant role played by osmotic adjustment in maintaining yields under drought conditions. This study highlighted the interest of osmotic adjustment in maintaining cell turgor in plants subjected to a water deficit. This suggests the use of this paramete

Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity Extracts of Ferula sulcata from North East of Algeria

The crude hydroethanolic extract of Ferula sulcate Dell, was prepared by Solid-Liquid Extraction (S.L.E); and its fractionation was carried out by Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE).The yield of the various extracts obtained are in the following decreasing order: AcOEt˃ n-BuOH˃ MeOH70%˃ EHx˃ EAq. Quantitative estimation of total flavonoids and polyphenols by the spectrophotometric method showed that the extracts AcOEt, MeOH70% and n-BuOH have the highest content of phenolic compounds. The aqueous extract gave the lowest content with 41.20± 2.0 mg EAG/g MS.. HPLC analysis of the ethyl acetate

Stress and depressive disorders in diabetic pregnant women

A number of physical and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy can stimulate the development of psychological disorders such stress and depression. The study evaluated psychological aspects related to maternal depression and stress in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus, contrasting the results with those of women with diabetes who are not pregnant.

Impact of Azadirachtin on the sexual behaviour of Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera; Drosophilidae)

Chemical communication in the search for a sexual partner in insects is essentially based on sex pheromones. The vinegar fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is a laboratory model par excellence. We experimented with the toxic and sexual behaviour study of adults of D. melanogaster using a bioinsecticide from plants (Azadirachtin). When we treated the larvae of the second stage of the vinegar fly, and in this study, we identified all the stages of sexual behaviour of D. melanogaster. Finally, the treatment with this extract inhibits the secretions of the fermions (Cubiccular hydrocarbons). After expo

Effects of Density and Site Conditions on Growths of Rhizophora apiculata Plantations in Southern Vietnam

Increasing mangrove forest areas is set as an urgent action of many countries since the ecological and social importance of mangrove forest have been becoming awareness worldwide. In this study, forty-two 500-m2 plots were established in 15-year-old Rhizophora apiculata plantations in six different provinces, southern Vietnam for data collection. Growth parameters, mud depths, and salinities were measured in all plots. Stem density, stem diameter and height, height under crown, crown diameter, diameter of root system, and aerial root number were significantly affected by planting sites with th